Below are some featured items from each of our menus. Click on the button to see the full menu for lunch, dinner, or happy hour. Hover over each item for more information.

  • Hawaiian Poki Salad $11.50Tuna, tako, salmon, hamachi, wakame, cucumber, in ginger dressing
  • Noble Roll $9Snow crab, shrimp tempura, ebi, albacore, tuna, salmon, hamachi, green onion, tobiko
  • Pepper Fin $13.50Thin sliced fresh albacore and fresh serrano chili
  • Sesame Chicken Bento Box $11Comes with two pieces of California Roll, two gyoza, salad, and rice
  • Gyoza $5.95Chicken and vegetable dumplings (steamed, deep or pan–fried)

  • Sea Steak $13.50Lightly seared tuna with our steak sauce $13.50
  • Sashimi 15 $16.95Mixed selection of fresh fish (chef’s choice)
  • Fried Calamari $7.25Battered with tempura
  • Dynamite $12.50Shrimp tempura, tuna, albacore, unagi, avocado, green onion, tobiko
  • Half Shell Oyster$8.50 (3) $13.50 (6)

  • Well Drinks $6
  • Racer 5 IPA $5Draft Beer
  • Rainbow Roll $8.50Snow crab, cucumber, ebi, salmon, tuna, hamachi
  • Chicken Teriyaki Happy Box $11Chicken teriyaki, two pieces of California Roll, two gyoza, salad, and rice
  • BBQ Albacore $13Lightly seared albacore topped with a spicy cream sauce

  • Party Platter #1 - $55Four pieces each of maguro, hamachi, sake, albacore, ebi, kanikama and unagi nigiri
  • Party Platter #2 - $55Six pieces eache of seared tuna, albacore, sake, hamachi, maguro, unagi, and tako sashimi
  • Party Platter #3 - $65Tiger roll, shrimp tempura with avocado roll, spicy tuna roll, new player roll, and four pieces each of maguro, albacore, ebi, and hamachi nigiri
  • Party Platter #4 - $65Spider roll, california roll, oshima roll, six pieces each of sake and maguro sashimi, and four piece each of sake and hamachi nigiri
  • Party Platter #5 - $65Shrimp tempura with avocado roll, tiger roll, california roll, oshima roll, big bill roll, and FNB roll
  • Party Platter #6 - $65Spider roll, spicy tuna roll, dynamite roll, new player roll, natomas roll, and a da bomb roll



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